Outpatient Drug DetoxDetox from alcohol or drugs without disrupting your daily life.

What is an outpatient drug detox?

La Via's outpatient detox program, also known as an ambulatory detox, is an outpatient model for those who require detoxification from alcohol, drugs, or both. Our approach is unique in that we provide many of the benefits of an inpatient detox program, but in a setting that is much more cost effective and less restrictive on the patient.

The services at La Via Detox begin with an initial assessment and medical history. We are responsible for monitoring of vital signs, treatment of withdrawal symptoms, consultation with addiction professionals, and we also offer optional continued addiction and substance abuse treatment, such as our intensive outpatient program and sober living home.

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Why choose outpatient detox over an inpatient detox?

Unlike a traditional inpatient detox facility, our outpatient approach to the detox process only requires 1-2 visits per week that last approximately 30-60 minutes each. Our clients are able to detox at home, or in the comfort of a supportive housing community, and does not require inpatient hospitalization.

Outpatient detox from drugs or alcohol is spread out over a more comfortable period of time. This approach allows the individual to fully detox themselves from substances without a drastic change in their daily routine or harsh withdrawal symptoms that usually occur when the detox is done in a shorter period of time.

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What does La Via provide outpatient detox for?

Alcohol Detox


Many people who drink frequently, heavily, or with a long-term history of alcohol abuse experience some type of withdrawal if they suddenly stop drinking.
Heroin Detox


Long term heroin use creates a very severe physical dependency for the user. The heroin epidemic worsens by the day, with fatal overdoses at an all-time high.
Opiate Detox


Long term use of opiates, whether they are prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor for or street drugs like heroin, creates physical dependency.
Benzodiazepine Detox


The effects of stopping benzodiazepine use without medical supervision range from “feeling miserable” to life-threatening seizures and convulsions.
Methamphetamine Detox


Methamphetamine use creates botha physical and psychological addictions very quickly. As a result, withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be severe.
Marijuana Detox


Marijuana addiction withdrawal symptoms can range from mild irritants such as a decrease in appetite, to more severe problems such as aggression and anxiety.

Our process for outpatient detox

Initial Assessment

Addiction takes a toll on virtually every aspect of our patient’s lives. That’s why our initial intake process includes a comprehensive medical, psychological and social assessment.

The initial step of the intake process requires a comprehensive medical, psychological and social assessment. This assessment provides an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s current condition and becomes the foundation for a successful detox and treatment plan. Any co-existing disorders or pertaining to medical issues are also evaluated at this time.

Stabilization Protocol

Emotional as well as physical cravings can be extremely intense during the withdrawal process. Our qualified staff understands these difficulties and provide a supportive presence.

In addition to medically supervised detox, La Via’s addictions professionals educate patients on the cravings, “triggers” that commonly affect addictive behaviors, and relapse-prevention strategies. These alternative coping mechanisms help to relieve the emotional stress many people experience when they stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

Education & Case Management

During orientation, each La Via patient is assigned a personal advocate for the detox process. Throughout the course of treatment, their primary counselor acts as a liaison between the family, the patient, and La Via. Our counselors assist patients with any and all needs - including medical appointments, life skills education, and family relationships.

Our staff works with the patient, the families, and any loved ones to address any concerns about the detox and treatment process. We develop an individualized treatment plan at an appropriate level of care, and prepare the patient for healthy long-term recovery.

Discharge Planning

At La Via, discharge planning is a multidisciplinary process involving the patient’s primary counselor, medical staff, and recovery advocates. Our goal is to ensure that patients have an achievable template to build upon the momentum set during detox and step down into our intensive outpatient program.

A primary counselor meets with each patient to discuss discharge plans and ensure continued success. This process is extremely important to our patient’s long-term well-being and all of our clients are encouraged to work directly with their counselor in setting up this discharge plan.